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GAREN DALY, Founder / Festival Director

Garen Daly has been in the dark for over 40 years, primarily in Boston and mostly watching film. His career started as a cinema manager at the legendary Orson Welles Cinema. This later morphed into operator for several of Boston's better known art houses. He revived such places as the Somerville Theatre and the Dedham Community Theatre. He is an award winning programmer/consultant who continues to produce the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, the longest running genre festival in the US.

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LEANDRA SHARRON, Assistant Festival Director

Leandra is somewhat new to the film festival world, but couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of Boston SciFi! She comes to us from the theater side of arts administration, but has always been a fan of science fiction. Her dad started her out early with film series like Terminator, Alien and of course Star Wars...with Sarah Connor, Ripley and Princess Leia as her idols she didn't stand a chance after that.

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Harry Lohr, Jr., Production Manager / Festival Archivist

Harry is a long-time member of the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Marathon production team. Harry serves in various communica­tions roles, edits and produces the programs and other print material, and shoots and maintains the photographic archive.

Harry is active with a number of non-profit organizations. For more than 25 years, Harry has volunteered his services as an organizer and event photographer for Massachusetts Easter Seals Disability Services. Harry serves on the non-profit’s Massachusetts Walk With Me Leadership Commit­tee, chaired by New England Patriots’ Team Hall-of-Famer Steve Grogan. Harry’s photographs have been used in print and online in Massachusetts and by the national organization.

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Miriam is a movie buff and lover of all things scifi. When not helping out as the Filmmaker Liaison at Boston SciFi, Miriam has been fortunate enough to work on some amazing independent film sets as a Production Assistant and most recently 2nd/1st AD. She also directed her first short film this summer. Han shot first!!!!


Chris phoenix, Executive vice president

Chris Phoenix is the founder and CEO of Phoenix Media Group, a New York City based agency founded in 2010. Phoenix is in the business of creating extraordinary digital brand content and experiences that drive engagement and marketplace advantage. Challenging typical models, Phoenix created a highly effective delivery platform to address the changing needs of brand marketers -- customizing cross functional streamlined teams around client needs -- expert talent creating highly engaging, strategically wise, digital communications work with unusual speed and value.

hal wagner, Technical director


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suzzanne cromwell, co-curator




Paul is a Development Professional with over 25+ years experience bringing a wide range of knowledge to his work.  Sixteen of those years took place in Washington, DC, one of the most challenging and competitive fundraising environments in the country.