FEBRUARY 11, 2019


5:00PM —> Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan
TRAILER / dir. Gilles Penso / UK / 2011 / 117 min

US Theatrical Premiere. No doubt, Ray Harryhausen is an SFX God and anyone who loves movies loves what he did. This doc, direct from the Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation in London, tells his story & how he did what he did.. Special introductory remarks by renowned SFX artists Ed Kramer & Catherine Craig.

7:00 PM —-> Mnemophrenia
TRAILER / WEBSITE / dir. Eirini Konstantinidou / UK / 2019 / 78 min
Screening Venue: Somerville Theater

World Premiere. A new psychosis emerges resulting in dangerous times. It is the involuntary shifting of real and artificial memories created by VR.

9:00 PM —-> Last Sunrise
China / 2018
Screening Venue: Somerville Theater