FEBRUARY 13, 2019


5:00 PM —> A Witch's Love Spell
Screening Venue: Somerville Theater

A 3-Act Event! The Alchemy of Music, Woodland Alchemy, and Alchemy Love Spell featuring an audience involved in a love spell incantation just before Valentine's Day.

Act 1: The Alchemy of Music (live)
Act 2: Woodland Alchemy (23m film)
Act 3: Alchemy Love Spell

7:00 PM —> 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
TRAILER / dir. Richard Fleischer / USA / 1955 / 127 min
Screening Venue: Somerville Theatre

Special SF44 Revival! Jules Verne's classic adventure as told by Disney with James Mason, Kirk Douglas & Peter Lorre. In amazing 35mm!

9:00 PM —> Moon
TRAILER / 2009 / 97 min
Screening Venue: Somerville Theater

Duncan Jones, Sam Rockwell Sam Bell has dutifully harvested Helium 3 for Lunar, a company that claims it holds the key to solving humankind's energy crisis. As Sam's contract comes to an end, the lonely astronaut looks forward to returning to his wife and daughter down on Earth