FEBRUARY 15, 2019


5:00 PM —> Beneath The Trees
TRAILER / dir. Marco De Luca / UK / 2019 / 76 min
Screening Venue: Somerville Theater

Against her better judgement, young American student, Emily, agrees to a weekend camping in the English countryside with her new boyfriend, Jay and his strange cousin, Julia. A simple walk in the woods becomes a lethal brush with nature when Emily discovers that her new friends aren’t who they seem… and her life is in danger… Beneath the Trees

7:00 PM —> Eye of the Beholder The Art of Dungeons & Dragons
TRAILER / dir(s). Kelley Slagle, Brian Stillman / USA / 2018 / 92 min
Screening Venue: Somerville Theatre

NE Premiere. It created worlds. We played in those worlds. Now directors Kelley Slagle & Brian Stillman explore the history of Dungeon & Dragons -its influence, and the stories behind the artwork. It explores what is truly underneath this amazing game. D&D artists – both past and present – are featured as well as former TSR insiders, game designers, authors, and fans. EYE OF THE BEHOLDER: The Art of Dungeons & Dragons is a celebration of the art we all love so much.. Both Directors will be in attendance. Q&A following screening.

9:00 PM —> Ingenium
TRAILER / dir. Steffen Hacker / Germany / 2018 / 88 min
Screening Venue: Somerville Theater

NE Premiere. Multiple Fest Winner! In the tradition of Phillip K Dick a woman questions her memories and wonders if there was a murder in her past. Yet the only clue to solve her own mystery seems to reside in an asylum, an asylum that is drawing her closer and closer.

11:00 PM —> Infinite Santa 8000
TRAILER / dir. Michael Neel / USA / 2013 / 95 min
Screening Venue: Somerville Theatre

World Premiere of a remastered, re-edited version. It's a post-apocalyptic world. Everyone is a flesh eating zombie, and Santa's hungry. Q&A to follow with director-animator Michael Neel.