FEBRUARY 9, 2019


11:00 AM —-> Animation Workshop
Event Venue: Homewood Suites

Infinite Santa 8000 director Michael Neel with his 6-year old son Jasper will lead an animation workshop for children as part of SciFi Kids. The animations made during this workshop will air during the ‘Thon.

1:00 PM —> Have Rocket, Will Travel
TRAILER / dir. David Lowell Rich / USA / 1959 / 76 min
Screening Venue: Somerville Theater

60th Anniversary! Moe, Larry & Curly Joe cash in on new found TV fame, and the space craze with this slapstick romp in space.

3:00 PM —> The Last Boy
TRAILER / dir. Perry Bhandal / UK / 2019 / 98 min
Screening Venue: Somerville Theater

The Last Boy is a Sci Fi drama inspired by the Poetry of the 13th Century Sufi Mystic & Poet Rumi. 'The world at an end, a young boy's dying mother sends him on a quest to find the place that grants wishes.

5:00 PM —-> Axcellerator
TRAILER / dir. David Giancola / US / 2019
Screening Venue: Somerville Theater

US Premiere. A small time loser teams up with a smart aleck clerk named Kate . There's a device. A conspiracy. Some not so nice Suits. Is world domination far behind? Sean Young, Sam Jones and Maxwell Caulfield are featured. Shot in Rutland VT. Directed by Vermont native David Giancola. Director and crew in attendance. Q&A to follow

9:00 PM —-> Killers Within
TRAILER / WEBSITE / dir(s). Paul Bushe, Brian O'Neill / Ireland / 2018 / 100 min
Screening Venue: Somerville Theater

World Premiere. Some desperate folks stage a house invasion. Big problem, wrong house. Seems like the inhabitants wanted them to come. A nice romp full of kidnappers, explosions, sex, more explosions, some more sex, The Illumanti, overlords, and something not even close to being human.