What is Boston SciFi? 


Boston Sci-Fi is an 11 day film festival held at the Somerville Theater in the way cool section called Davis Square. The Festival is in two parts. The first part is a traditional film festival ending with a 24 hour film marathon.

When is it? 

The Festival runs from Friday, February 7th until the last show on Saturday the 15th. The next day THE MARATHON starts. It runs from noon on the 16th, and until noon on the 17th. That’s 1440 minutes of non-stop cinematic over indulgence. You can buy a Festival Pass, good for everything (with some minor exceptions) or you can buy a Marathon Ticket solely. Your Festival Pass is good for the Marathon. Individual screenings, will go on sale in mid-January.

How many films are there?

In the Festival it ranges from about 30 features and 70 shorts. In the Marathon it varies between 12 and 14 feature films. There are also workshops, special conversations, and parties.

What does SF45 stand for? 

This is the festival’s 45th anniversary and yes, Virginia, there are a few folks who have been to all 44 prior to this one. They are now annually brainwashing their children.

Will I have a good time?

If you like science fiction films, yes. If you like seeing new filmmakers and the stars of the future, yes. When it comes to the Marathon, if you like staying up all night, yes. Either way, you’ll have a great time. 

How much are tickets? 

Tickets vary in price. The closer we get to the event, the higher the price.  We suggest you buy early and save. Click on the Tickets menu button to buy.

How does the seating work?

All seats are general admission and are good for the entire festival. Folks with Festival Passes get preferential and priority seating.

What films will be playing?

A line up will be announced shortly on the web site.

Are there children’s prices? 

Yes, but only through the home office. Please call 603-593-3610. Please leave a message if no one answers. We tend to get busy especially as the event draws near, press mail box #1 and leave a message if no one answers.

Will there be guests? 

Yep. Working on that as we speak.

What about contests?

Yes, there will be a trivia contest and a few others. There will also be a ton of prizes.

What about audience participation?

Audience participation for the Marathon is encouraged within reason. For newbies, you’ll learn about the wonders of Wheat Chex and Rice Chex as well as some other time honored traditions.

Where can I find out more?

You can sign up for our newsletter, located at the bottom of the HOME page or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Can I make a suggestion?

Yep! Send us email to Info (at) BostonSciFi (dot) com.